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16 page imposition

Farrukh Systems specialises in imposition software. We have been developing solutions for the prepress industry for over 20 years. Imposition Publisher™ is one of the world's leading solutions, with over 6000 units sold world-wide. There are different versions of Imposition Publisher to cover different market requirements - from small 2-up digital printers to 8-up or bigger Computer-to-Plate systems. We also have specialised products for film saving - Media Saver and newspaper production - Page Pairer.

Our software is easy to use. It ensures that any repetitive actions can be done with the minimum number of steps. Innovative imposition templates are independent of page size and the total number of pages in the job. This means users have far fewer templates to create and maintain. Our unique use of drivers makes the software easy to update. The support department makes sure that drivers are always up-to-date, so you can always work with the latest versions of programs like QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Framemaker, Corel Graphics Suite, Microsoft Publisher and even Adobe PageMaker.

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Imposition Publisher X (10.1.5) is released (21 November 2008) - This is a maintenance release, fixing a few recently reported problems, adding SRA paper sizes and updated drivers.

Imposition Publisher X (10.1.4) is released (7 May 2008) - This is a maintenance release, fixing a few recently reported problems, adding updated drivers and a French translation.

Imposition Publisher X (10.1.3) is released (12 December 2006) - This is a maintenance release, fixing a few recently reported problems, adding updated drivers, improved Help and an Italian translation.

Imposition Publisher X (10.1.2) is released (1 March 2006) - This is a maintenance release, fixing a number of recently reported problems. Both the Mac Standalone and the Windows Server are available now.

Imposition Publisher X Client Server is released (20 October 2005) - The Windows Server version compatible with the Mac OS X native version Imposition Publisher X is available.

Imposition Publisher 4.6.3 is released (31 January 2005) - This is a routine maintenance release including fixes for a number of recently reported issues and an updated set of drivers, including support for Quark 6.5 and several flavour of PDFs that were created with non-Adobe programs.

Imposition Publisher 4.6 is released (31 March 2004) - This major upgrade expands the ability to natively impose PDF files from just the Mac version to all versions including Windows and Client Server.

Page Pairer v3.1 installed at Hoy Newspaper Los Angeles (27 February 2004) - Following successful experiences with Page Pairer at their New York and Chicago offices, it was an obvious choice for their new LA operation.

Imposition Publisher v4.5 is released (4 July 2003) - Available as standalone versions for Macintosh and Windows, and Server versions for all platforms. Foreign language versions available - French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

Imposition Publisher Windows 4.5 Beta and Server 4.5 versions are now available (14 March 2003) - More...

Imposition Publisher v4.2.4 is now available (Nov 2002) - Mac OS standalone and Server versions.

Enhanced compatibility with the Rampage workflow released. More...

Imposition Publisher v4.2.3 is now available (Mac OS standalone and Server versions).

Hot folder automated workflow displayed at NEXPO 2002. More...

New PDF Native Imposition Software now shipping. More...

Linux Client Server Version also available. More...

Imposition Publisher 'Quick Print' launched at On Demand Expo. More...

Page Pairer v3.0 adds PDF support. New Page Pairer installations in Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. More...

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